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Healing Justice in Music Therapy


Healing Justice in Music Therapy: A Black Creative Healing Approach with Drs. Adenike Webb & Natasha Thomas Course Description: This course is an opportunity for therapists to deepen their relationship with the self- in- community, guided by elements of healing justice. It is intended to promote critical self-reflection and strengthen the foundations/roots of your work. Participants are encouraged to have radical conversations, mindful collaborations and holistic visions centering black community. Participants will be guided through 4 units that entail listening to Black Creative Healing Episodes, collaboration in the course forums and personal reflections. An opportunity to engage with Drs. Thomas and Webb in a group community will be offered as part of the course. When: Starting October 20th Where: On-line Format | Asynchronous Number of CMTE Credits: 9 Pre-requisites: MT-BC Cost: Sliding Scale Range - $135 - $225 For sliding scale/discounted rates, please email us at

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Healing Justice in Music Therapy: A BCH Approach

Healing Justice in Music Therapy: A BCH Approach

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