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The BMTN Approach

critical. anti-oppressive. culturally sustaining

Pedagogical Lens

Our course offerings are extensions of our commitment to healing justice and dismantling relational and structural violence through community-based advocacy, education, and action.

Learning is an active process in which students not solely exhibit mastery of content or synthesize knowledge for practical application, but is jointly an exercise in integrating information into a conceptual framework of the discipline at study.  I believe this process is dynamic.  Information that is readily elicited in classrooms are not limited to textbook content or clinical references, but are bolstered and influenced by the multifaceted cultural resources each student brings to the learning environment. Students’ unique and diverse perspectives, knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes all add value to learning material. BMTN's pedagogical approaches elicits a multi-level perspective of engagement in these areas.  Teaching, therein, must create bridges between theory and praxis and enable student to further locate themselves personally and professionally within the two.  

Curriculum & Content

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Training Methods & Assessment

Students learn best in environments that are universally designed for their academic success. BMTN lesson plans are constructed for equitable use, with flexibility to suite the various learning styles, theoretical orientations, and cultural knowledge, the learning environment and student’s learning potential is strengthened. Rooted engagement is supported and heightened when teaching environments are 1) validating and affirming, utilizing methods of appreciative inquiry; 2) comprehensive and multidimensional; 3) liberating and empowering, fostering academic competence and personal confidence in the student’s ability to act upon knowledge learned in and outside of the classroom; and 4) transformative in ways students view knowledge production and mastery.  These values necessitate an appreciation of the depth of knowledge each student brings vis-à-vis their lived experience and actively engaging student personal narratives in ways that are meaningful to their academic success and professional growth. 

Assessment is an active and dynamic process necessary throughout the learning process. BMTN engages in formative assessment through active dialogue, experiential, reciprocal teaching, small and large group interactions, and reflexive journaling that deepen learning.  Educators participate in these assessment methods to identify students’ strengths and needed areas of development.  Additionally, I use summative forms of assessment such as student presentations, and final papers and projects.  

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Assessment as necessary throughout the learning process; therefore, I engage in formative assessment through the means of active dialogue, experientials, reciprocal teaching, small and large group interactions, and journaling to continually monitor student learning.  Through these assessment methods, I have readily been able to identify students’ strengths and needed areas of development.  Additionally, I use summative forms of assessment such as student presentations, and final papers and projects.  

Course Instructors

 Educational offerings feature high-quality learning opportunities from a wide variety of experts in the field of music and health. All instructors are content experts committed to community-based, culturally-sustaining, knowledge of music, healing, and transformation. To uphold the learning model

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